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Freeze Dried Cheeseburgers

Freeze Dried Cheeseburgers

Freeze Dried Cheeseburgers

No matter whether you're prepping for the apocalyptic end of days or just going camping, wouldn't you rather have something that's actually tasty to eat instead of the typical freeze dried emergency meal offering? Then check out these cool new Freeze Dried Melted Cheddar Burgers from Prepper Cheffer. These freeze dried cheeseburger patties are made in the USA from real ground beef that has been perfectly seasoned, grilled with a melted cheddar cheese slice, and then freeze dried for a shelf life up to 25 years. Since the world seems prone to one disaster after another lately, maybe you won't have to wait that long to sink your teeth into a cheeseburger that can be instantly re-hydrated with water.

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