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KA-BAR Tactical Chopsticks

KA-BAR Tactical Chopsticks

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The KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife is one of the most famous fixed blade combat knife designs in the world. First issued in World War II to the United States Marine Corps and then quickly adopted by the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Underwater Demolition Teams, it is still preferred to this day. They also now make chopsticks!

These cool new KA-BAR Tactical Chopsticks are hardcore, heavy duty utensils that can handle any plate of sushi, survive a war, and even be used for self-defense in epic, out of control food fights that turn deadly. These extreme chopsticks forgo the traditional delicate wood and are made in the USA instead from tough, food grade Grilamid that can easily be cleaned in a raging river near a battlefield (or campsite) or even in a dishwasher during peacetime. Each chopstick is marked with "KA-BAR" and "USA" on the sides and come with two chopstick sets per package. Now, if you're having trouble learning how to handle these mighty chopsticks, just be sure to bring along the equally cool KA-BAR Tactical Spork as a backup utensil.

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KA-BAR Tactical Chopsticks
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