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P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up

P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up

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Hey everyone, Stephanie here. Previously I was a silent member of "The Green Head Crew", but I really wanted my voice to be heard on this cool new product I found. The Green Head doesn't think women would have any interest in a device like this, but then again he does think we all need a Robotic Elvis Presley Talking Head in our living room, so I'm here to prove him wrong.

Ladies, how many times have you been on the road on a long trip and suddenly, you gotta go, and you gotta go right now! So you pull over at the next available gas station or other creepy public restroom only to discover the most terrifyingly disgusting toilet around. Yes, previous squatters before us have missed entirely. Quite the dilemma right? Well, we could wait for evolution to endow us with the ability to pee standing up or we could just use the revolutionary new P-Mate.

When nature calls, simply whip out this portable, waxed cardboard urine redirection device which allows us to discretely pee standing up. Just position the P-Mate between your legs, aim and go, all without ever needing to drop your pants. It completely eliminates the need to squat and it gives us the freedom to go just about anywhere. I can't wait for the first snow fall.

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iCarta - iPod Dock / Toilet Paper Holder
Everywhere I look it's iPod and now they've even made their way into the bathroom. If you can't go 5 minutes without your tunes blasting while sitting on the mug, you definitely need help or maybe the iPotty, er iCarta - iCarta - iPod Dock / Toilet Paper Holder!
Black Therapy 9 - Bamboo Charcoal Soap
This luxurious, natural soap is made from beneficial activated charcoal bamboo and 8 other special ingredients to effectively exfoliate, moisturize, deep-clean and rejuvenate your skin using no artificial colors, fragrances, or ingredients. It even has a cool dark, bubbly lather!
H2Goo - Turns Water Into Colorful Goo and Back Again
Transforms bath water into a safe, colorful goo and then back again!
Viatek Body Dryer - Blasts Body with 100 MPH Wind for a Quick Dry
After you get out of the shower or swimming pool, simply step upon this cool new Viatek Body Dryer to blast your wet body with temperature-controlled air up to 100 mph for a convenient quick dry in mere seconds.
Barn Door Shower Curtain
This cool new Barn Door Shower Curtain may look like a weathered wooden barn door, but it's actually a rustic shower curtain with a highly realistic print of one on it.
Newspaper Boat Drain Stopper
Just plug the stopper in your drain, fill the tub and watch as the little paper boat floats rights to the surface.
Aludo Kip - Minimalist Designer Tissue Holder From Japan
When that typical little cardboard box of tissues just looks like an eyesore in your beautiful bathroom, fancy office, or just anywhere you prefer finer things, now you can dispense tissues from a beautiful minimalist work of art instead with this new Aludo Kip Leather Tissue Holder from Japan.
Kohler Moxie - Showerhead And Wireless Speaker All-in-One
This ingenious showerhead has a magnetically removable speaker in the center that pairs wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device.
Wide Load Toilet Paper - 1 Roll Equals 20 Regular Rolls
Just one of these jumbo-sized rolls of soft, 2-ply toilet paper equals 20 regular rolls, is 20X longer than a regular roll, and each sheet is 4X bigger.

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P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up
A handy fire control blanket that can either quickly extinguish a live burning campfire, help to safely preserve the hot coals by putting the fire to sleep until morning, or prevent unexpected weather like rain, wind, or snow from disrupting it.
P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up
This innovative LED lantern doesn't use batteries, it uses nothing more than salt and water to provide up to 2,000 lux illumination for up to 80 hours.
P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up
This emergency LED light has a built-in seismic sensor that activates the lamp during earthquakes of magnitude 3+ (JMA Scale), lasts 500 days in standby, and illuminates for up to 15 hours after activation.
P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up
Inside this aluminum tube is a small corked glass vial of ambrosia that gives an exhausted bee the burst of energy it needs to revive and return to the hive.
P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up
In case of grease fire, simply place these fire flowers into the pan and they will instantly take over, covering the flames with a film that stops the burning.
P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up
This pocket-sized electric human prod makes social distancing way more fun when it's extended out and used to deliver a truly satisfying 4.5 volt ZAP to anyone not respecting the six foot distance rule.
P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up
This mega cache of zombie apocalypse survival blades includes 3 knives, 2 machetes, 1 parang, and 1 axe all rolled up in a durable canvas carrying case.
P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up
These survival boot laces are constructed from durable 550 paracord and have handy fire starting ferro rod tips that can be used to produce a shower of blazing hot 3000 degree sparks when struck against the included serrated steel striker.
P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up
A futuristic vertical hydroponic garden tower that lets you easily grow up to 44 vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers all year long from inside your home using only 2 square feet of floor space - no potting soil required.

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