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P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up

P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up

P-Mate - Women Can Now Pee Standing Up

Hey everyone, Stephanie here. Previously I was a silent member of "The Green Head Crew", but I really wanted my voice to be heard on this cool new product I found. The Green Head doesn't think women would have any interest in a device like this, but then again he does think we all need a Robotic Elvis Presley Talking Head in our living room, so I'm here to prove him wrong.Ladies, how many times have you been on the road on a long trip and suddenly, you gotta go, and you gotta go right now! So you pull over at the next available gas station or other creepy public restroom only to discover the most terrifyingly disgusting toilet around. Yes, previous squatters before us have missed entirely. Quite the dilemma right? Well, we could wait for evolution to endow us with the ability to pee standing up or we could just use the revolutionary new P-Mate.When nature calls, simply whip out this portable, waxed cardboard urine redirection device which allows us to discretely pee standing up. Just position the P-Mate between your legs, aim and go, all without ever needing to drop your pants. It completely eliminates the need to squat and it gives us the freedom to go just about anywhere. I can't wait for the first snow fall.

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  • P-Mate is a Disposable Urine Director so females can stand to pee!
  • No more squatting over public toilet or port-a-potty
  • Easy to use: just position, pee and toss.
  • Easy to transport, folds to fit in a pocket!
  • Great for women with orthopedic problems and women in the military

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