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Kapoosh UV Sanitizing Waste Bin

Kapoosh UV Sanitizing Waste Bin

Kapoosh UV Sanitizing Waste Bin

Once you close the lid of this cool new Kapoosh UV Sanitizing Waste Bin an ultraviolet lamp is activated and works with oxygen to create ozone (O3) to safely eliminate odors and kill 99% of bacteria, germs and other nasty microorganisms within minutes. This sleek modern waste bin features a long-life UV lamp that provides up to 7500 hours of use, a nonslip base to keep the bin safely in place, a hands-free lid, removable bin liner, and recessed bin handles. It comes in brushed stainless steel or black and is a great solution for sanitizing trash in bathrooms.

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  • UV technology is used to eliminate odors and sanitize the contents of the bin
  • UV lamp works with oxygen to eliminate odors and microorganisms by creating ozone (O3) inside the waste receptacle
  • Once the lid is closed, the UV light activates to begin eliminating odors immediately
  • Long-life UV lamp provides up to 7500 hours of use
  • Nonslip base keeps the bin safely in place
  • Hands-free lid and removable bin liner, along with recessed bin handles
  • Colors: Brushed Stainless Steel or Black
  • Size: 22" H x 13" W x 10.5" D

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