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EGO POWER+ Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

EGO POWER+ Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

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The problem with shop vacs is the pesky power cord that always gets in the way, gets caught on something, or just isn't long enough. The solution is this cool new EGO POWER+ Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum. This cordless, battery-powered wet/dry shop vacuum delivers 110 CFM of powerful suction, has a generous 9-gallon capacity, has multiple power modes (eco, high, and turbo), and can be controlled via a remote control. It's powered by a 56V ARC Lithium battery that runs for up to 60 minutes on eco, 30 minutes on high, or 20 minutes on turbo, has a self-cleaning filter function, and includes a whole assortment of tool attachments. It's perfect for construction sites, remodeling, workshops, garages, or just about anywhere.

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EGO POWER+ Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum
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EGO POWER+ Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum
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EGO POWER+ Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum
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EGO POWER+ Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum
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EGO POWER+ Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum
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EGO POWER+ Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum
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EGO POWER+ Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum
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EGO POWER+ Cordless Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum
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