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Magnetic Spot Scrubber

Magnetic Spot Scrubber

Magnetic Spot Scrubber

Do you find it nearly impossible to clean vases, decanters, baby bottles, wine glasses, or any container with a narrowed neck? Then check out this cool new Magnetic Spot Scrubber. This ingenious little scrubbing tool cleans hard to reach spots that regular brushes, sponges, and hands can't reach. It consists of a magnetic silicone nubbed scrubber and a magnetic handle. Just drop the scrubber into the dirty vessel filled with soap and water, grab it via the magical power of magnetism from the outside using the handle, and scrub away. Great compact cleaning solution. Check out the video demo below to see it in action.

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  • Clean hard to reach areas that regular brushes or sponges can't
  • Composed of 2 pieces: the magnetic scrubber and the magnetic handle
  • Drop small magnet into container filled with soap and water - Use other magnet to scrub
  • Both components have a nubbed rubber scrubber for cleaning dried on stains
  • Soft rubber scrubber wonโ€™t scratch glass
  • Large handle for comfortable grip
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Size: 1.25โ€

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