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Glider - Magnetic Window Cleaner

Glider - Magnetic Window Cleaner

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Cleaning the exterior windows of your home is no easy chore, especially when they are above ground level. Rather than climbing up steep ladders, balancing on the roof, or trying not to plummet out an open window, check out this cool new Glider - Magnetic Window Cleaner from Tyroler Bright Tools instead. This convenient window cleaning tool squeegees both the inside and outside of hard to reach windows at the exact same time, safely from the interior of your home. Just open a window, spray some window cleaning solution along the edge that's closest to you, let the magnets on each half come together through the glass, and wipe horizontally until clean.

If features four powerful rare earth magnets, four natural rubber squeegees, a six foot string to prevent the external cleaner from falling, includes two microfiber cloths for cleaning extra dirty windows, and is available in three different versions of magnetic strength for everything from single pane to double pane windows. Check out the video below to see it in action. I don't know about you, but I'm so sick of winter, that I'm actually looking forward to cleaning the windows with it this spring.

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