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Inukshuk Magnetic Stones

Inukshuk Magnetic Stones

Inukshuk Magnetic Stones

The Inuits and other indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic region used to create helpful stone markers shaped like human figures called Inukshuk for navigation or just marking something on the frozen tundra. These cool new Inukshuk Magnetic Stones are inspired by these unique stone markers, but instead of requiring any stone stacking skills whatsoever, these are magnetized for your stacking pleasure. This fun desktop set includes five magnetic stones that can be stacked or used separately, a steel base to build upon, and five paper clips for sticking to the rocks or actual office use.

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  • Bring some zen-like spa atmosphere to your desk
  • Set includes five magnetic stones and steel base
  • Can be stacked on the base or used separately
  • Includes five paper clips to play with

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