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Screwed Up - Refrigerator Magnet Set

Screwed Up - Refrigerator Magnet Set

Screwed Up - Refrigerator Magnet Set

When you stick something important up on the fridge that absolutely has to stay put, you need to bolt it down with these cool new Screwed Up - Refrigerator Magnets. These tough magnets will create the illusion that real screws and bolts are embedded into the refrigerator, but they actually have high-powered magnets molded right inside each piece. Each pack includes 4 assorted faux screw magnets and are an essential item for any real workshop.



  • Dead-ringers for the real thing
  • High-power magnet molded right inside each piece
  • Four assorted bolt and screw designs
  • Includes 4 macho fridge magnets
  • Designer: Dale Emmet

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