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Ions - Miniature Magnetic LED Lights

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Ions - Miniature Magnetic LED Lights

Nobody likes holding the flashlight steady for others as they attempt to do something in the dark, because the light is somehow never held steady or correctly enough. So if you need illumination in a dark workspace, check out these cool new Ions. These miniature, magnetic LED lights stick on metal surfaces and tools, have a pivoting hinge to point the light in any direction, and a grip dial to turn the LED on and off. A handy lighting solution in the garage, in the office, kitchen or any situation where you need someone to hold the flashlight.


  • Miniature, magnetic LED that illuminates any dark work space with ease
  • Pivoting hinge to point light in any direction
  • Grip dial to turn the LED on and off
  • Magnetic base that can be attached to metal tools or surfaces
  • Ideal tool for any project, be it in the kitchen, garage, or home office
  • 3 in a pack
  • Materials: Aluminum, Plastic, LED
  • Size: 20mm Height x 12mm Diameter

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