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WheelBrightz - LED Bike Wheel Lights

WheelBrightz - LED Bike Wheel Lights

WheelBrightz - LED Bike Wheel Lights


While they won't quite turn your bicycle into a full blown TRON Light Cycle, these cool new WheelBrightz from Brightz will give your bike's wheels some futuristic illumination for better visibility as you pedal off into the night. These bright, weather-resistant rope lights come in cuttable seven foot lengths (or spiral the entire length through the wheel spokes) to fit most bicycle wheels 20" and over and have 20 micro-LED lights inside that come in a variety of single color and multi-color options. The battery-powered lights attach easily without tools and can glow for 48+ hours using only 3 AA batteries. Perfect for lighting up bikes for all ages, improving side visibility at night, and just looking cool. Check out this VIDEO to see them in action.

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