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Conference Bike - Seven Person Tricycle

Conference Bike - Seven Person Tricycle

Conference Bike - Seven Person Tricycle

Why have boring meetings in stuffy conference rooms? Have exhilarating seven person meetings in the great outdoors while pedaling down the open road in this cool new Conference Bike - Seven Person Tricycle. This fun, oversized tricycle has seven seats for six riders who get to pedal the bike and one for the driver who gets to operate the Porsche-engineered rack-and-pinion steering and the independent hydraulic braking system. As the riders all sit in a circle facing one another, the design encourages actual in-person social interaction away from screens and team-building skills while pedaling together. It can smoothly cruise along at speeds up to 10 mph and features a circular jointed drive-shaft, a completely covered drivetrain, adjustable height seats, dynamo-powered dual headlights, and it's handmade in Germany. Besides business conferencing on the go, these unusual seven person bikes are also perfect for hanging out and going for rides with friends and family, unique rental business opportunities, entering into extreme bike races, and taking up the entire bike lane.

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