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Q-Flame - Wood Pellet Patio Heater

Q-Flame - Wood Pellet Patio Heater

Q-Flame - Wood Pellet Patio Heater

This cool new Q-Flame from Q-Stoves is an outdoor patio heater that forgoes the typical propane tank and uses clean-burning and smoke-free wood pellets as fuel instead to deliver 3X the heat at a fraction of the cost of propane heaters. Just fill the double hoppers with wood pellets made from compressed recycled sawdust, ignite, and let the gravity fed design keep the flames burning to generate up to 106,000 BTUs with a 10 foot heating radius for up to 3-4 hours. Unlike traditional patio heaters that only heat from the top, this one heats also from the bottom to the top to ensure better heat distribution as well. It's perfect for warming up chilly evenings on the patio, at campsites, on hunting trips, entertaining outdoors, RVing, emergency heat, and off-grid heating. Even cooler, there's also a matching BBQ option available that transforms it from a patio heater into a wood pellet grill.

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  • Gravity fed wood heating pellets are all that is needed to fuel this heater
  • A more efficient alternative to outdoor propane, electric heaters and campfires
  • High Heat Output - up to 106,000 BTU/Hour with 10 ft Heating Radius
  • Wood burning pellets are made from compressed recycled sawdust and produce no smoke and very little ash
  • Long-Lasting Heat - Up to 3 to 4 hour run time without hopper extenders or refilling
  • Perfect for chilly evenings on the patio, camping, hunting, parties, outdoor entertaining, RVing, emergency heat, off-grid heating
  • Customizable - base platform that all accessories are built from
  • Double hopper holds 20 lbs. of wood pellets
  • Pellets create less ash than firewood, making them a safer and cleaner alternative
  • Heavy gauge high temp coated steel construction
  • 3x the Heat at a Fraction of The Cost of Traditional Propane Heaters
  • High temp glass viewing window
  • Carbon-neutral, leaves little to no waste

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