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Pajamas Warming Pouch

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Pajamas Warming Pouch

Sure you don't need to slip into cozy, warmed pajamas on a freezing cold winter night, but wouldn't you rather you did? The cool new Pajamas Warming Pouch heats pajamas, nightgowns, gloves, hats and more in only 10 minutes for extra pampered comfort. It features integrated heating elements that reach up to 118° F, a thermal satin interior that retains heat and a plush fleece exterior.


  • Heated pouch that warms pajamas for cozy comfort in 10 minutes
  • Integrated heating elements that reach 118° F
  • Thermal satin interior that retains heat - Plush fleece exterior
  • Only draws 50 watts - less than most light bulbs
  • Accommodates towels, hats, or gloves
  • Folds to half its size for convenient storage or travel
  • Plugs into AC
  • Size: 20" L x 16" W x 2" D - 5 oz

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