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Flippr 360 Degree Rotating Torso-Shaped Ironing Board

Flippr 360 Degree Rotating Torso-Shaped Ironing Board

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I hate ironing and I think we pretty much all do. It takes forever to constantly adjust shirts and pants around to find the best angle to iron them. Well, finally, the ironing board has entered the 21st century with a modern redesign to not only save up to 80% of ironing time but also make the entire process easier and much, much more enjoyable. The cool new Flippr is an innovative torso-shaped ironing board with 360 degrees of rotation. Just slip a shirt over the removable cotton cover, iron, flip it over, and iron the other side. For pants, just use the built-in clips to securely attach and help stretch them flat. It features eight adjustable heights, a removable mini detail board for ironing collars and sleeves, a foldaway iron rack, and wheels to roll it away until next time. Check out the video demo below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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Flippr 360 Degree Rotating Torso-Shaped Ironing Board
This full body stainless steel chainmail dive suit keeps the wearer extra protected and hopefully intact after a bite from the perfect underwater predator, a voracious shark.
Flippr 360 Degree Rotating Torso-Shaped Ironing Board
I don't usually get too excited over ties, but when they feature giant bombs falling from fighter planes like on the Bombs Away Tie, I have to do a double-take.
Flippr 360 Degree Rotating Torso-Shaped Ironing Board
This shirt isn't so much funny as it is deep and ponderous. All the pie chart is missing is the fruit. Woka Woka Woka Woka Woka Woka ...
Flippr 360 Degree Rotating Torso-Shaped Ironing Board
Smittens are mittens specially designed so that two people can hold hands inside of one mitten.
Flippr 360 Degree Rotating Torso-Shaped Ironing Board
This modern ironing board re-imagining pivots open allowing you to slide sleeves and pant legs onto smaller, individual arms for easier ironing, clamps shut to hold shirt cuffs and collars, and rotates closed for traditional use.
Flippr 360 Degree Rotating Torso-Shaped Ironing Board
If more of the French actually showered, they might wear this cool new Black Beret Shower Cap to keep their hair from getting wet. I guess if you need a shower cap, you might as well get a fun one. Also available in Raspberry and Devil Horns.
Flippr 360 Degree Rotating Torso-Shaped Ironing Board
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Flippr 360 Degree Rotating Torso-Shaped Ironing Board
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Flippr 360 Degree Rotating Torso-Shaped Ironing Board
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