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Backyard Dunk Tank

Backyard Dunk Tank

Backyard Dunk Tank

Bring a bit of the carnival right to your very own backyard when you dunk your friends in ice cold water with this cool new Backyard Dunk Tank. Simply fill the commercial quality 500 gallon dunk tank with water (the colder the better), sit your victim on the seat above it, and line up your friends and family to take turns throwing the 12 included balls at the target. A perfectly aimed pitch drops them down into the icy drink.

It features a half-circle vinyl steel protection cage, a large canvas backstop, a built-in Lexan window to watch the sitting duck's reaction, and heavy duty dolly wheels to roll it into position or back into storage. Perfect for backyard parties, events, or even just rent it out to others in need of a dunk tank. When you think of how much it costs to play games like this at the carnival, I guess it could pay for itself at some point. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • Commercial-quality 500-gallon dunk tank that imparts a carnival atmosphere to any backyard event
  • Tank suspends willing subjects 2’ above the water
  • UV-resistant, high-density polycarbonate seat that supports up to 250 lbs
  • Half-circle vinyl steel cage protects a sitter from ill-aimed heaves of one of the 12 included 6.25 oz. balls
  • 7" diameter target
  • 55" W H x 90" H 20-oz. canvas backstop corrals errant tosses
  • Tank rests atop heavy duty dolly wheels that enable easy positioning and movement into storage
  • 48" W x 37.5" H Lexan window built into the tank's side enables onlookers to observe
  • Size: 87" H x 78" W x 62 D - 500 lbs

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