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Wright Flyer Kite

Wright Flyer Kite

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The cool new Wright Flyer Kite from world-renowned kite artist Joel Scholz combines a kite with an airplane and a dash of aeronautical history. This unique kite is based on the Wright Flyer, the first successful powered aircraft, built and flown by the Wright brothers on that historic day near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903. However, this time the airplane forgoes the power and low altitude test flights and uses just the wind to achieve flights up to 200' high with the pilot safely on the ground holding a spool of 37-lb.-test polyester string. The kite features a fiberglass frame, struts, and cross-pieces that support the ripstop polyster twin wings, foreplanes, and fuselage and has a huge 46" wingspan (1/12-scale) that generates lift in ideal winds from 8 - 18 mph. The best thing about this kite is that it reminds you how far we've come since 1903.

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