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LEGO Titanic - 9,090 Pieces!

LEGO Titanic - 9,090 Pieces!

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At 4.5 feet long and consisting of 9,091 pieces, this massive LEGO model of the "unsinkable" RMS Titanic is one of the largest LEGO sets ever created. Once assembled, it features 3 divided cross sections that show off the interiors of the ship including the first-class dining room, grand staircase, boiler room, smoking lounge, reading lounge, swimming pool, promenade deck, cabins from the different passenger classes, the ship's bridge, and much more. You can even turn the propellers and watch as the piston engines move inside. It also includes a display, name plate, and not nearly enough life boats. Now unless you want it to end in a similar disaster, please keep it away from LEGO icebergs and try not to step on a LEGO while carrying it. Leo not included.

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LEGO Titanic - 9,090 Pieces!
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LEGO Titanic - 9,090 Pieces!
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LEGO Titanic - 9,090 Pieces!
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LEGO Titanic - 9,090 Pieces!
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LEGO Titanic - 9,090 Pieces!
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LEGO Titanic - 9,090 Pieces!
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LEGO Titanic - 9,090 Pieces!
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LEGO Titanic - 9,090 Pieces!
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LEGO Titanic - 9,090 Pieces!
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