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HR Giger Museum Bar

HR Giger Museum Bar

HR Giger Museum Bar

Swiss artist and sculptor HR Giger is the man responsible for all your nightmares of terrifying biomechanical creatures and disturbing monochromatic environments depicting machines and man fetishly interconnected in total surreal beauty. Yep, the movie ALIEN was his mainstream masterpiece, but his dark visions were also captured with his many paintings, sculptures, and even his... bars?

If you happen to be traveling to Chateau St. Germain, Gruyeres, Switzerland, then you need to step into the HR Giger Museum Bar and witness his visions come to life firsthand, while also downing a few drinks at the same time. This otherworldly bar is unlike anything you've been in before, with its cavernous, skeletal vaulted ceilings reminiscent of the ALIEN's tail, the creepy cool spinal cord backed Harkonnen chairs originally designed for the movie DUNE, and the many sculptures and hieroglyphs spread throughout. After drinks, be sure to check out the museum to see even more of his work up close. If you're an ALIEN fan, a Space Jockey with a mighty thirst, or feel like something is slithering inside you, this is the place to be. So cool.

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