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Odin Tree Stump Sculptural Table

Odin Tree Stump Sculptural Table

Odin Tree Stump Sculptural Table

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Before there were tables, there were tree stumps, and before there were tree stumps, there were possibly ancient troll-like tree giants who roamed about the dark forests on their roots. I guess they used giant boulders for tables. Anyways, now you can own your very own piece of folklore, when you set down an ice cold drink atop this cool new yet quite Tolkienian-inspired Odin Tree Stump Sculptural Table. This sculptural tree stump with a mystical Green Man gaze is cast in high quality designer resin and individually hand-painted with a weathered brown bark finish. It's perfect for your garden, patio, or home as a unique table, pedestal or stool. Be warned though, it might attract goblins, garden gnomes, and cosplaying dorks dressed up as elves.

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