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Tokyo Sky Dining Table

Tokyo Sky Dining Table

Tokyo Sky Dining Table

"That’s beautiful. I always enjoyed to make models when I was a boy. The exactness, the attention to every conceivable detail. It’s beautiful." - Hans Gruber (Die Hard)

It might be nearly impossible to enjoy dining at this cool new Tokyo Sky Table because everyone, especially architects, will be way too busy staring at the table itself instead of eating. This stunning collaboration between Mousarris and the Circle Studio is a modern dining table / work of art with four transparent tower legs that showcase 9 floors of highly detailed architectural modeling from offices to penthouses all filled with SLA 3D-printed stairs, furniture, plants, and more. It features internal steel structures for support, outer plastic casing around the towers for protection, and a glass tabletop for even more viewing angles. Unfortunately, it doesn't include a miniaturization machine to shrink you down to the right size for proper exploration, but the table itself does seat 6 full-sized humans.

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