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Working Arcade Coffee Table

Working Arcade Coffee Table

Working Arcade Coffee Table

When you combine a beautiful handcrafted wooden coffee table with a retro arcade cocktail table from the 1980s, you get something like this cool new cool new Working Arcade Coffee Table. Just connect this crazy coffee table to your television via HDMI and use the oversized arcade joysticks and buttons on the tabletop to play over 12,000 video games from 38 gaming consoles from the past including Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Playstation, Atari, Sega Genesis, arcade games, and many, many more. You think it's hard to pick out a movie at night... good luck figuring out which classic video game to play next out of that massive selection. Also be sure to use a coaster when drinking around this coffee table, but that's just common sense.

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  • Every game you play as a kid on a small coffee table you can place anywhere
  • Table connects to the TV via HDMI (not included)
  • Two table colors are available: black and white
  • Button color options are: blue and red or black and white
  • Pre-Loaded with thousands of retro games
  • Basically every game that came out before the year 2000 and a lot of unreleased games and hack games
  • Excess of 12,000+ games from 38 various consoles from the past such as Super Nintendo, Playstation, Mame, Atari, Sega Genesis, and many more
  • Its like having an arcade machine cabinet
  • Includes a bottom shelf
  • Size: 35 3/8" L x 10.25" W x 17.75" H

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