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Rheoscopic Fluid Planets

Rheoscopic Fluid Planets

Rheoscopic Fluid Planets

These cool new Rheoscopic Fluid Planets from Mr. Sci Science Factory are bouncy ball-sized planets filled with rheoscopic fluid (used to visualize liquid flow patterns like currents, turbulence, convection, and laminar flow) and a glitter-like powder that combine into a mesmerizing and calming cloudy swirl when shaken. It even bounces without breaking and includes a rubber ring to keep it on display without rolling away when not in use. Perfect for relieving stress, staring into at the office all day, fortune tellers, astronauts, and even kids. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • An entire galaxy encapsulated in a bouncy sphere
  • Mesmerising glitter swishes and dances when you shake it
  • This liquid can effectively visualize the state of liquid flow, such as convection and laminar flow
  • It looks just like a ball with pearl inside when standing still
  • Shake it a little bit and you can see the mystery of it
  • The fluid inside flows beautifully like a cloudy mist and soft moving silk
  • Whether you are rotating or bouncing the ball, you can create a different kind of dazzling scenery!
  • Rheoscopic fluid literally means "currently showing" fluid
  • Earth Blue / Neptune Purple / Moon Grey / Uranus Green / Sun Gold / Saturn Red
  • TPU shell : Strong and able to be bounced
  • Easy to shake
  • Epitome of marvelous nebula
  • Size: 9.5 cm Diameter

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