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Colorful Ferrofluid Magnetic Liquid

Colorful Ferrofluid Magnetic Liquid

Colorful Ferrofluid Magnetic Liquid

This cool new bottle of Colorful Ferrofluid Magnetic Liquid contains a unique colloidal liquid made up of nanoscale iron particles that become strongly magnetized when subjected to a powerful magnet AKA a magically fun new way to waste time at the office. Instead of boring old black, this vibrant ferrofluid upgrade is now available in either blue or gold and with a wave of the included neodymium magnet wand along the outside of the sealed glass bottle, it can be pulled, twirled, and tossed or even made to form a ball of spikes. If you have a second strong magnet, it gets even more bizarre in its reactions. As cool this stuff may seem, hopefully it's not some precursor to mimetic poly-alloy liquid metal T-1000 Terminators. If it changes into a little version of you and begins to form knives and stabbing weapons... RUN!

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