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Air-Trekkers - Extreme Jumping Stilts

Air-Trekkers - Extreme Jumping Stilts

Air-Trekkers - Extreme Jumping Stilts


Would you like to be able to run faster than a speeding bullet and leap tall buildings in a single bound? Well you almost can with a pair of these cool new Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts strapped to your legs. These futuristic jumping stilts are the latest innovation that combines the best of pogo sticks and stilts, giving you the ability to jump 8-10 feet into the air, run at speeds up to 20 MPH, and take huge strides up to 9 feet. Now try to imagine flipping, twisting, and performing other amazing tricks on them too all while getting a hardcore workout. A helmet and good health insurance are also strongly advised. Check out this VIDEO to see some amazing stunts! Cool huh?

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