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Auramist Bahia - Golf Cart Dry Mist Cooling System

Auramist Bahia - Golf Cart Dry Mist Cooling System

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Oh the humanity! Golfing all day outdoors on a beautifully manicured course and cruising around in a golf cart in between each hole without a care in the world may seem like a dream come true, but those hot sweltering days of Summer can ruin a good time. Obviously, it's the 21st century now and there's always a clever solution.

If you own an electric golf cart and wish it had some sort of air-conditioner, now you can upgrade it with this cool new LINK}Auramist Bahia Cooling System. This innovative evaporative cooling system uses two fans with built-in misting nozzles that produce micro-droplets of dry mist that reduce ambient temperatures by as much as 30° F without getting you, your gear, or your clothing wet. It attaches easily to the cart’s canopy supports and features three different fan speeds, a dry or wet mist preference, and holds enough water in its tank to provide 5+ hours of cooling relief. The only downside is that you will have to leave the comfort of your cart occasionally to play the game.

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