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Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker

Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker

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Tired of listening to the sounds of mother nature and the boring chatter of your golf buddies as you play a round of golf? Drown it all out with your favorite music with this cool new Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker. This premium wireless Bluetooth speaker is disguised as a realistic-looking golf club that hangs out with the real clubs in your golf bag or you can detach the speaker head from the shaft and use the built-in spike to stick into the ground or place in your golf cart's tee holder. It features two 30mm drivers, an omnidirectional passive subwoofer, integrated music controls, has a weatherproof design, and has a high capacity 4,000 mAh rechargeable battery with dual USB ports for charging up phones. It's also great for playing funny prank sounds to distract other golfers like air horns, golf claps, a Baba Booey, or just get creative. Now, whatever you do, don't accidentally grab this golf club when teeing off... 🏌️💥

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Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker
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Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker
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Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker
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Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker
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Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker
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Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker
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Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker
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Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker
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Sound Caddy - Bluetooth Golf Club Speaker
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