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Crosley Rocket - Full-Sized Vinyl Record Jukebox with Bluetooth

Crosley Rocket - Full-Sized Vinyl Record Jukebox with Bluetooth

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Having an infinite selection of digital music to select from on a streaming service app on your phone is definitely convenient, but sometimes too many choices is utterly overwhelming, exhausting, and just sort of un-fun and lifeless. Maybe it's time to take a big step back to the 1950s where you could enter a malt shop or diner packed with all your friends (who are not staring at their phones), stroll up to the jukebox in the corner, scroll through a limited selection of current hit music, drop in a quarter (or give the jukebox a hard smack), and then force the entire joint to listen to it at full blast.

Well, now you can either relive those happier days or enjoy the same fun experience here in the modern age of extreme phone staring with this cool new yet quite retro 1950s-inspired Crosley Rocket JukeBox. This luxurious full-sized jukebox stores and plays up to 70 x 45 rpm 7" vinyl record singles (both A/B sides), plus is also able to stream music via Bluetooth... from your phone! It features a 140 selection rotating title strip display to easily select your favorite record, has a time-proven rotating vinyl record mechanism, plays both small and large hole 45 rpm record formats, has a built-in 240-Watt digital D4 custom-built amplifier which supplies 60 Watts per channel to a 12" Twin Cone Subwoofer, 2 Mid-Range cone speakers, and 2 Tweeters, is framed in a wooden cabinet handcrafted by jukebox-building artisans, and has a functional coin slot that can either accept quarters or be set to Free Play (take the money!). You can even hook up a microphone for karaoke or connect additional external speakers to really pump out the music. Each jukebox is hand-built in the United Kingdom to commercial standards and is designed to last.

It's perfect for anyone who collects 45 rpm vinyl singles, needs something super epic to really tie a man cave together, or just wants to open up their very own blast from the past 21st century diner. Unfortunately, Fonzie is not included.

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Crosley Rocket - Full-Sized Vinyl Record Jukebox with Bluetooth
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Crosley Rocket - Full-Sized Vinyl Record Jukebox with Bluetooth
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Crosley Rocket - Full-Sized Vinyl Record Jukebox with Bluetooth
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Crosley Rocket - Full-Sized Vinyl Record Jukebox with Bluetooth
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Crosley Rocket - Full-Sized Vinyl Record Jukebox with Bluetooth
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