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Rolling Christmas Tree Stand

Rolling Christmas Tree Stand

Rolling Christmas Tree Stand

This cool new Rolling Christmas Tree Stand allows you to conveniently move your Christmas tree around with ease while you fluff, hang ornaments, and decorate it, roll into or out of storage, or just place it somewhere else anytime you feel like it. This handy mobile tree stand features sturdy all-metal construction, lockable caster wheels, and adjustable legs that can extend out to support and stabilize trees with flat or pointed poles between 7'-12' tall. It can even be used outdoors in a covered area like a front porch. Don't worry that it looks like your tree is riding around on an office chair base. Just roll it into place, lock down the wheels, and cover it up with a nice tree skirt like you usually do or you could always go with this unique office chair look if you're setting it up in an actual office. Hmm, now I wish I had an actual illuminated Christmas tree chair to sit in during the entire holiday season.🎄

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