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Motion-Activated ALIEN Storage Egg

Motion-Activated ALIEN Storage Egg

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If you're trying to keep your home or office extra tidy and wish you could be scared to death while doing it, then feel free to approach this cool new Motion-Activated ALIEN Storage Egg. This creepy replica of the terrifying HR Giger designed Ovomorph from the ALIEN movies can now be yours. A simple wave of your hand over the top will trigger it to open its flaps and reveal an eerie green illumination coming from within. Fortunately, no FaceHugger will burst out, straddle your face, and force a vicious ChestBurster down into your stomach, but that does mean it leaves plenty of room inside for a bunch of stuff you wish to stash away. It also doubles as a room lamp if you want the scariest nightlight in your bedroom, ever. Personally, I would just use it as a clever paper wastebasket for my office.

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