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Cartesia Seven Drawers - Open in Two Different Directions

Cartesia Seven Drawers - Open in Two Different Directions

The corner of a room is usually reserved for a houseplant or something, but these cool new Cartesia Seven Drawers by NOSIGNER are uniquely designed to take advantage of angled spaces since the drawers open in two different directions. Simply slide the drawers all to the left, all to the right, or stagger them both ways, allowing access to all of them at once. These handcrafted drawers are definitley an ingenious, space-saving design, but their luxurious 7 grand price tag ensures most of us will still be stuck with a fern in the corner of our bedrooms.

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  • Designed by NOSIGNER
  • Drawers can be opened in two different directions, making it the perfect piece of furniture for angles
  • Open and use all the drawers at the same time
  • Stacked trapezoidal forms were the product of a desire to hide handles
  • Material: Wood (Tamo Tree or Walnut)

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