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Gigantic Hot Dog Sofa

Gigantic Hot Dog Sofa

Gigantic Hot Dog Sofa

Of course, a $7,100 sofa in the shape of a massive hot dog deserves no description whatsoever on the Neiman Marcus website because the pictures obviously speak for themselves. Yep, check out this cool new Seletti Hot Dog Sofa. This conversation starting Italian sofa is comprised of a gigantic, oversized poppy seed hot dog bun that holds a massive weiner lumbar pillow (with a long squirt of bright yellow mustard) that is topped with huge slices of tomato and cucumber throw pillows. It's almost a proper Chicago-style hot dog, but is unfortunately missing the celery salt, green relish, chopped raw onions, sport peppers, and dill pickle. Hmm, I guess the cucumber can replace the pickle. Anyways, you really should buy two hot dog couches just for the epic pillow / food fights you can have with humongous dueling weenies. Yeah, I don't know what to say either, so just look at the pictures... cool huh?

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