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Quick-Lighting Campfire Log Torches

Quick-Lighting Campfire Log Torches

Quick-Lighting Campfire Log Torches

When you're in the mood for a cozy bonfire, wherever you might be roaming or bugging out or relaxing with friends, there's no need to gather up logs and branches to burn, just have these cool new Quick-Lighting Campfire Log Torches on hand and ready to go. These instant portable bonfires are inspired by the single-log fires used by ancient Scandinavians for heat and light. Just light the fire starter pouch in the pre-drilled top and then enjoy an aromatic and crackling campfire for up to 4 hours under the stars... using only one log. This set of two Swedish torches includes a juniper and pinon version that are handmade in New Mexico from sustainably harvested American wood and come complete with convenient hemp carrying handles and non-toxic fire starters.

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  • Set of 2 Campfire Log Torches
  • Create instant coziness with these aromatic, quick-lighting log torches
  • Set includes one juniper torch and one piñon torch, each with a convenient hemp carrying handle and an easy-to-use, non-toxic fire starter
  • Each log torch lights easily, creating an instant campfire complete with coziness and a woodsy fragrance for up to 4 hours
  • Ignite the quick-lighting pouch in the pre-drilled top, and in minutes you'll have a crackling, sweetly scented fire suitable for gathering 'round during long winter nights
  • Leave it to the winter-wise Scandinavians of yore to come up with a portable bonfire
  • Inspired by the single-log fires used for heat and light in ancient Sweden
  • Naturally aromatic, insect repelling log torches bring cozy, fragrant atmosphere to outdoor get-togethers
  • They also naturally repel bugs
  • Outdoor use in outdoor fireplace, firepit, or flat, level, non-combustible surface only
  • Indoor use in fireplace only
  • Made in New Mexico from sustainably harvested American wood
  • Size: 5"-7" Diameter x Up to 8" H

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