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Millennium Falcon Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Millennium Falcon Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Millennium Falcon Wood-Burning Fire Pit


Would it help if I got out and pushed? - Princess LeiaIt might! - Han Solo

While it won't be able to do the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs or outrun any Imperial starships, this cool new yet from a long time ago Millennium Falcon Wood-Burning Fire Pit will at least keep you warm, but not as warm as being stuffed inside the guts of a Tauntaun. This stunning wood-burning fire pit / metal art sculpture is inspired by the famous highly modified YT-1300F Corellian light freighter and is handmade to order from 3mm mild steel and precision laser cut detailing. It's perfect for gathering all your geek, nerd, dork, and fanboy friends around on a chilly evening outdoors and talking endlessly about Star Wars, which is the best part of Star Wars. They also make a pricier variation of this fire pit that doubles as a BBQ grill that's perfect for grilling up giant Rancor steaks, Gamorrean pork chops, Mon Calamari fillets, Porgs, and more.

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