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Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern

Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern

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This cool new Luminoodle is a handy five foot long flexible, waterproof, magnetic, and ultra-bright string of illumination that can be hung, stuck to, or wrapped around anything you can think of. You can hang it in your camping tent, wear it while walking at night, attach it magnetically to any metal part for strategic lighting like when repairing your car or changing a tire, hang it from a tree for backyard evening lighting, wiggle it around at night to drive a house cat crazy, and so much more. It even transforms into a lantern when stuffed into the included carry bag which acts as a light diffuser. It's IP-67 waterproof rated, produces 180 lumens of light, and works with any USB power source. If you don't have a USB battery pack, there's also a model available with one included and also a model that changes colors for a little extra fun. Perfect for any emergency kit / survival bag, glove box, or backpack and makes a unique gift.

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Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern
Real fully cooked bacon strips in a can with a 10 plus year shelf life!
Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern
If it's the end of the world, you might as well have plenty of tasty macaroni and cheese ready to go while you enjoy the show.
Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern
This is the world's first self-cleaning and purifying water bottle that uses UV-C light to destroy 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses in the drinking water and on the inner surface of the bottle itself.
Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern
This handy citrus juicer combines the satisfying grip of some old fashioned self-defense knuckles as the ergonomic handle with a classic citrus reamer placed on top to turn whatever it twists into... into pulp!
Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern
The traditional red Christmas stocking is nice and festive and all, but these cool new Tactical Holiday Stockings come in coal black and include integrated MOLLE straps and an external pouch to hold even more stocking stuffers.
Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern
A hardcore multi-purpose military grade lip balm developed for the Swedish military in the 1950's that not only keeps your lips and other body parts protected from chapping in extreme conditions, it's also effective when used to repel mosquitoes, grease weapons, and even shine shoes.
Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern
Enjoy a small campfire anytime and almost anywhere without all the drawbacks from a traditional wood fire.
Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern
A completely self-powered (handcrank or solar) digital AM/FM/SW/NOAA S.A.M.E. weather radio with a built-in flashlight, siren and an indispensable USB cell phone charger.
Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern
Just one of these jumbo-sized rolls of soft, 2-ply toilet paper equals 20 regular rolls, is 20X longer than a regular roll, and each sheet is 4X bigger.

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