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Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern

Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern

Luminoodle - Waterproof LED Light Rope / Lantern

This cool new Luminoodle is a handy five foot long flexible, waterproof, magnetic, and ultra-bright string of illumination that can be hung, stuck to, or wrapped around anything you can think of. You can hang it in your camping tent, wear it while walking at night, attach it magnetically to any metal part for strategic lighting like when repairing your car or changing a tire, hang it from a tree for backyard evening lighting, wiggle it around at night to drive a house cat crazy, and so much more. It even transforms into a lantern when stuffed into the included carry bag which acts as a light diffuser. It's IP-67 waterproof rated, produces 180 lumens of light, and works with any USB power source. If you don't have a USB battery pack, there's also a model available with one included and also a model that changes colors for a little extra fun. Perfect for any emergency kit / survival bag, glove box, or backpack and makes a unique gift.

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  • World's first completely waterproof, flexible, ultra-bright ambient lighting solution
  • Can be hung, strung, hooked, stuck to, or wrapped around anything
  • Plug this waterproof light into any portable USB battery pack or USB port and hang, drape or stick it nearly anywhere
  • Put one in a tent for camping
  • Use the magnets to attach to the hood of your car as a car repair light
  • Keep this in your emergency kit so you’re never without light
  • Put it in your glove box to stay safe in case of an auto breakdown
  • Drape it around your kids while you take a walk at night
  • Put it in the included rip-stop nylon bag to use as a camping lantern
  • Universal and reversible USB plug makes these camping lights usable with any USB power source
  • Produces 180 lumens of light
  • Includes reusable utility ties, magnets and a rip-stop nylon carry bag
  • WATERPROOF: IP-67 rated (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
  • Size: 5 ft or 10 ft long

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