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United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife

United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife

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No matter whether you plan on hunting, camping, hiking or just prepping for an end of times apocalypse with zombies, this cool new United Cutlery Trailblazer is good to have on hand or better yet, in your hand. Although it may look like a handy camp axe with a tough stainless steel 3" chopping blade attached to a high-tensile strength glass-filled nylon handle with a textured grip, it also contains a sharp 4" blade knife secretly hidden up inside the handle. So after you've buried the axe deep into an undead rotting zombie's noggin, you can quickly slide out the hidden knife to unleash it upon the other zombie creeping up right behind you, although this is just one problem that an axe/knife combo like this can solve.

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This compact yet powerful 4V MaxLithium cordless rotary cutting tool / electric scissors handles tough cutting jobs that weak, manual scissors cannot.
KeySmart SafeBlade - Finger-Safe Keychain Box Cutter
This handy box cutting tool may look like a sharp blade that merged with an ordinary key, but it's actually designed to safely open packages and boxes without cutting your finger.
J.A. Henckels Classic Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set
Unlike other wooden knife blocks, this one automatically sharpens the knives when they are inserted or removed from their slots.
Sausage and Cheese Guillotine
This cool new yet quite French Revolution-inspired Sausage Guillotine makes sausage slicing a bit more dramatic for those gathered around the charcuterie board.
ALIEN Letter Opener
Having trouble opening an envelope, especially in space? Well forget flamethrowers, pulse rifles, acid for blood, or even artificial people to help you open it, just use the powerful inner mouth from a Xenomorph to puncture through it with ease using this cool new ALIEN Letter Opener.
Reclaimed Wine Barrel Axe Throwing Target Set
Somewhere in between throwing darts at a dartboard and chopping down a tree (or a bathroom door) with an axe is this Reclaimed Wine Barrel Axe Throwing Set.
Axe Straight Razor - Shave Like a Warrior!
This completely handmade and fully functional shaving razor is styled like an ancient Viking throwing axe complete with a carved beech wood handle wrapped in waxed cord that is attached to an intimidating tempered steel blade / straight razor.
Skid Wooden Chef Knives
Minimalist chef knives that seamlessly forge gorgeous hardwoods with high alloyed carbon steel blades resulting in knives that appear to be made almost entirely out of wood.
Circular Rolling Blade Kitchen Knife
This innovative kitchen knife has a circular blade that freely rotates through the inside of the handle to slice up vegetables, fruits, or pizzas with ease.

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United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife
A portable cast iron camping stove that uses branches, twigs, pinecones, and other dry wood to quickly produce hot burning flames with little to no smoke in just a few minutes.
United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife
If it's the end of the world, you might as well have plenty of tasty macaroni and cheese ready to go while you enjoy the show.
United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife
Billed as the world's loudest whistle, the cool new HyperWhistle uses a radial tri-frequency design to emit a super loud, high-pitched peep that reaches up to 142 dB with a 2 mile range - it even includes hearing protection.
United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife
This gigantic industrial strength, military grade glow stick is ultra bright, fully waterproof, and a whopping 14 inches long.
United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife
Whether it's an emergency / survival situation, construction / demolition job, or a voracious brain-munching zombie is in your way... you can't go wrong carrying this hardcore all-purpose tool.
United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife
A portable handheld shower head that attaches via a hose to a rechargeable pump with built-in active filtration that draws water up from a bucket or container.
United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife
Hardcore office clipboard constructed from a heavy duty slab of Level II body armor that stops 9mm bullets cold. Even better, it has a clip for paper!
United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife
This set of six suave survival staches make the perfect short notice disguise and come in sealed packages to keep them extra fresh.
United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife
A highly portable solar-powered inflatable lantern, task light, and flashlight that collapses when not in use and is waterproof to handle extreme outdoor conditions.

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