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United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife

United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife

United Cutlery Axe With Hidden Knife

No matter whether you plan on hunting, camping, hiking or just prepping for an end of times apocalypse with zombies, this cool new United Cutlery Trailblazer is good to have on hand or better yet, in your hand. Although it may look like a handy camp axe with a tough stainless steel 3" chopping blade attached to a high-tensile strength glass-filled nylon handle with a textured grip, it also contains a sharp 4" blade knife secretly hidden up inside the handle. So after you've buried the axe deep into an undead rotting zombie's noggin, you can quickly slide out the hidden knife to unleash it upon the other zombie creeping up right behind you, although this is just one problem that an axe/knife combo like this can solve.

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