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BeeVive - Portable Bee Revival Kit - Save a Bee!

BeeVive - Portable Bee Revival Kit - Save a Bee!

BeeVive - Portable Bee Revival Kit - Save a Bee!

After a long day of pollinating, some bees get worn out or have travelled way too far between flowers and that's why you see them crashed on the ground occasionally. Well, if you're a big fan of these hard-working, essential pollinators, now you'll always be prepared to save one of their lives when you carry this cool new BeeVive - Portable Bee Revival Kit.

This handy keyring holds an aluminum tube with a small corked glass vial of ambrosia, a sweet bee food syrup, that should give them the immediate burst of energy they need to quickly revive, return to the hive, and tell everyone how cool you were. So when you spot a downed bee, simply place the opened vial near them to sip the sugar water from and then, like smelling salts to the brain, an adrenalin shot to the heart, or spinach to a cartoon sailor, the bee pops back to life from the massive shot of energy and lives to pollinate again another day. Each vial has enough to try and save 5 tired bees and can easily be refilled at home after you run out. Check out the video below to see it in action. Save the bees! 🐝

Hmm, you might want to skip this one if you're allergic to bees. Bees don't carry EpiPens around with them just in case they ever need to save a human.

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  • Original Bee Revival Keyring
  • Help struggling pollinators get back in the air with a unique on-the-go bee revival elixir
  • This bee-saving kit can be attached to your keychain for when you are out on the go and come across an exhausted bee in need of your help
  • When you encounter a worn-out pollinator, pop open your revival kit to give our buzzing buddies the boost they need to get back in the air
  • Provides an emergency solution to REVIVE an exhausted bee so it can continue its mission of pollinating planet Earth
  • Place the opened bottle near a downed bee and let it sip the rejuvenating elixir
  • All that flying from plant to plant and spreading pollen wears on the wings after awhile
  • Strong aluminum shell
  • Contains an ambrosia bee food syrup to feed a bee in an emergency.
  • Refillable bottle with natural custom cork top
  • Ideal nature/animal lover gift
  • 5+ uses and easily refillable from home
  • Designed and assembled in Exeter, UK
  • Size: 6.22" L x 4.13" W x 0.7 Diamater

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