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Kill-A-Watt EZ - Electricity Cost Power Meter

Kill-A-Watt EZ - Electricity Cost Power Meter

Kill-A-Watt EZ - Electricity Cost Power Meter

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Everytime I get my electric bill, I always wonder which electrical item or items are costing me wasting the most money. It's the 21st century and it seems that everything nowadays is feeding off electricity 24 hours a day. My wallet is getting sucked dry by these appliances, electronics and other powered gizmos and I want to know who the main culprits are. Well, now I can find out with the cool new Kill-A-Watt EZ - Electricity Cost Power Meter.

This ingenious device not only shows you how much energy these appliances are using, but also calculates how much they are costing you by the day, week, month and year. Simply plug it in first, then plug in something electrical, now enter your killowatt by the hour cost from your energy bill and Voila!, you can instantly monitor how much it's consuming and what it's costing you.

The Kill-A-Watt EZ could almost pay for itself if you can find what's wasting the most money. Maybe it's the always on computer, the old refrigerator that should be replaced, the plug-in air freshener next to the cat's litter box, all the lights left on or maybe just all of those LED stand-by lights that seem to be on everything now? Happy hunting, because it's almost like finding treasure!

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