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Waterlily USB - Portable Power From Water and Wind

Waterlily USB - Portable Power From Water and Wind

Waterlily USB - Portable Power From Water and Wind

Unlike bulky solar panels that aren't much use at night or on foggy / rainy days, this cool new Waterlily USB can help you recharge your digital devices on the go from flowing water, strong winds, or even by hand with the optional hand crank accessory. This handy and quite portable 3-in-1 power generator can work day and night to recharge devices while camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, surviving the apocalypse, and more. Just place the turbine in flowing water to generate as much power in 24 hours as a 60W solar panels. The faster the flow, the faster it generates power and that goes for hanging it in strong wind as well. A great alternative energy-generating source for any outdoor adventure.

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  • 3-in-1 Portable Power Source - use water, wind, or optional hand crank for on-demand power in emergency situations
  • Power in ANY weather - doesn’t rely on the sun like solar panels, so you can charge devices in the rain, fog, or shade
  • Charge DAY or NIGHT - run overnight for fully-charged batteries in the morning
  • Comparable to 60W Solar Panels - can generate as much power in 24hrs as expensive solar panels
  • Portable Power for Campers, Hikers, Backpackers, Hunters
  • Can charge any USB device, including cell phones, tablets, battery banks, satellite phones, GPS, camping lights, Bluetooth speakers, and more
  • Generates power from water flows such as rivers and streams - the faster the water flow, the more power it can generate, up to 15 Watts
  • Can generate power in water flowing as slow as 0.28 m/s (1 kph) (0.62 mph).
  • WaterLily also works in strong winds to charge your devices

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