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Automatic Power Failure Lights

Automatic Power Failure Lights

Automatic Power Failure Lights

When you lose power and the lights go out, you won't need to fumble around in the dark looking for the flashlight and then batteries because it's dead when you have these cool new Automatic Power Failure Lights installed. This innovative LED emergency lighting system constantly monitors the electricity in your home and automatically provides 40 hours of illumination through up to 30 lights during a power outage. Just plug in the power detector which doubles as a flashlight and affix the two included lights (more available) to a wall or ceiling. When the power goes out, the detector sends out a wireless signal to the lights to switch on from up to 100 feet away. Great solution to keep your home safely lit on a dark stormy night and provides a little extra peace-of-mind.

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  • Automatically provides 40 hours of illumination inside your home during a power outage
  • Power detector plugs into a wall outlet and constantly monitors the house's electricity
  • Instantly turns on up to 30 lights (2 included; more available below) from up to 100' away via a wireless signal
  • LED produces crisp, white light to illuminate hallways, stairs, and rooms
  • Affix to ceilings or walls with the included brackets
  • Power detector removes from an outlet for use as a handheld flashlight that also provides manual control of the lights
  • Ceiling light requires four C batteries and the wall light requires four AA batteries
  • LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours

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