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Spaceballs Liquid Schwartz Prop Replica

Spaceballs Liquid Schwartz Prop Replica

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"I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!" - Dark Helmet (Spaceballs)

If you're somewhere in the middle of the Upside and the Downside of The Schwartz or you lost your magical Schwartz ring, the only way to channel the power of The Schwartz is in its physical, concentrated liquid form. Which is why on all my vehicular journeys on-road, off-road, and off-world, there's really nothing I trust to have in my glove compartment more than an emergency can of this cool new yet once upon a time warp Liquid Schwartz, inspired by Spaceballs The Movie.

When you run out of fuel or you just need to make some serious space tracks, just pour a can of Liquid Schwartz into your gas tank and prepare to go to Plaid. Unfortunately, this can of Liquid Schwartz is just a highly realistic prop replica handcrafted here on Earth, but the real stuff is always available at Spaceballs The Gift Shop on the Moon of Vega. It's still kind of fun to keep this faux can of it in your glove compartment though. You never know. Prop replica cans of Perri-Air also available too. May The Schwartz be with you!

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Life-Size Tauntaun Bust - Wall-Mounted Trophy Head
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Star Wars Darth Vader ToothSaber
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Spaceballs Liquid Schwartz Prop Replica
After a ridiculously difficult day of shooting maniacal robot bosses in a quest to rid the world of evil Dr. Wily, replenish your energy tanks with this cool new yet utterly 80s retro Mega Man Energy Drink.
Spaceballs Liquid Schwartz Prop Replica
It not only shields you from the sun's rays, integrated solar panels also takes advantage of them by converting them into power for charging up mobile devices via 2 included USB ports.
Spaceballs Liquid Schwartz Prop Replica
When these batteries start losing their juice, simply flip open the top, reveal the built-in USB recharging connector and plug it into your computer, laptop or other USB hub for a quick recharge.
Spaceballs Liquid Schwartz Prop Replica
Can thermostats be exciting? This sleek and futuristic thermostat completely re-imagines heating and cooling automation, energy conservation and money saving in the 21st century home.
Spaceballs Liquid Schwartz Prop Replica
Instantly charge these innovative batteries using almost any kind of liquid, like water, cola, beer or yes, even saliva and urine!
Spaceballs Liquid Schwartz Prop Replica
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Spaceballs Liquid Schwartz Prop Replica
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Spaceballs Liquid Schwartz Prop Replica
These handy plug-in wall outlets have dual built-in USB ports along with a single AC outlet that easily plug in to standard 120 volt grounded outlets - no hardwiring or complicated electrical wizardry required.
Spaceballs Liquid Schwartz Prop Replica
Indispensable emergency power supply provides up to 7 hours of emergency AC, DC or USB power, includes a manual crank to generate additional power when it runs out and features a super bright LED flashlight to provide needed illumination and security in dark areas!

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