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Fabric Cord Covers

Fabric Cord Covers

Fabric Cord Covers

If you can't beat hideous cord clutter, then simply hide them in plain sight with these cool new cool new Cord Covers. It's the 21st century and every day it seems like another new electronic contraption enters the home with an unsightly power cord to look at, but now you can dress them up and even organize them into one using these unique cord covers that come in multiple sizes and colorful, decorative fabrics like silk, linen, and burlap. Perfect for lamp cords, computer cords, television and media cords, the endless phone and tablet cords, or any other power cord that needs to disappear in a stylish way.

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  • Hide cords and cables in plain sight while adding an unexpected touch of color
  • Small size covers single cords
  • Large size helps organize and hide thick computer and media cabling
  • Hidden zippers make them easy to install and ensures no gapping
  • 13 oz Linen: Made of 100% linen
  • Silk: Made of 100% silk
  • Burlap: Made of 100% jute
  • Linen: Made of 70% linen and 30% cotton
  • Size Large: 8" X 9' L
  • Size Small: 3" X 9' L

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