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UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets

UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets

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Tired of sorting through giant piles of knotted-up extension cords, cables, string lights, rope, and other assorted long strands of things? Then check out this cool new UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap with Outlets. Just plug your extension cord into this heavy-duty cord wrap, wind it up, and then either compactly store it away or plug other power cables into the 3 built-in grounded outlets and then unwind the exact amount of cord you'll need. It can hold up to a 50-foot extension cord, has a built-in ergonomic handle, and has exterior slots to hold plugs, outlet adapters, and surge protector heads. It's perfect for garages, workshops, job sites, Christmas lights, or just for anyone who likes to stay well organized.

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UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets
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UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets
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UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets
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UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets
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UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets
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UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets
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UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets
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UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets
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UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap With Built-in Outlets
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