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Candy Cane Extension Cord

Candy Cane Extension Cord

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Decorating for the holidays usually results in a lot of extension cords strewn about that need clever disguising, but what if you didn't need to hide them at all? Hide your extension cords in plain sight with these cool new Candy Extension Cords from Philips. These heavy-duty, outdoor-rated extension cords have a festive swirling red and white striped design that makes them look like really huge candy cane noodles. These decorative extension cords feature grounded AC outlets, 3-prong grounded plugs, and are available in various lengths. Perfect for running power to indoor decorations, outdoor lights, or just powering up tools in your North Pole Toy Workshop. They do not taste like peppermint, so like all power cords... please don't lick these either!

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