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Reusable Brown Grocery Bag - Waxed Canvas Tote

Reusable Brown Grocery Bag - Waxed Canvas Tote

Reusable Brown Grocery Bag - Waxed Canvas Tote

There once was a time when we shopped for groceries and took our items home in easily recyclable large brown paper bags stuffed to the brim, but we worried about all the trees being cut down to make the paper bags. So we all switched to plastic bags, which are obviously much worse for the environment, not as easy to get to a recycling center, and seem to only hold one item per bag when not bagged in a self-checkout lane. Countries and cities have decided to start banning them too. Now we enter the "use your own bag" era, which will most likely get banned in the near future too in favor of having everything delivered, which will also be banned after the futuristic home Replicator gets invented, which will also get banned and we all go back to individual farms before the giant asteroid arrives, destroys the Earth, and launches the quadrillions of indestructible plastic bags that once clogged the landfills out across the galaxy...

Anyways, until that one possible future arrives, bag your own groceries with a reusable tote bag and have a little bit of fun doing it with this cool new Reusable Brown Grocery Bag from Colony Co. These double-take-inducing tote bags are inspired by the classic brown paper grocery bags, except these are crafted from heavy-duty waxed canvas that are reusable, water-resistant, stain-resistant, Vegan friendly, biodegradable, and machine-washable. They stand up on their own for easy filling, fold back down like a brown paper bag for compact storage, have built-in straps for easy carrying, and are also great for carrying around stuff that's not grocery related too. A nice compromise and a sustainable bagging alternative until that asteroid arrives...

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  • Reusable waxed canvas tote bag inspired by the standard brown paper grocery bag
  • 16-ounce heavy-duty waxed canvas is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean
  • Easily foldable and compact, just like a classic brown paper grocery bag
  • Stands up on its own for easy filling
  • High quality stitching and seam work means this bag is very strong and itโ€™s built to last
  • Vegan-Friendly - free of any animal-based materials such as leather or beeswax
  • Biodegradable - free of any synthetic or plastic-based materials
  • Size: 17" x 12" x 7"

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