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Ghost Loot Scoop Treat Bag

Ghost Loot Scoop Treat Bag

Ghost Loot Scoop Treat Bag

Back in the dark ages of Halloween, I vaguely remember trick-or-treating door-to-door with my friends, not trunk-to-trunk with my parents, and using either a pillowcase or a large brown paper grocery bag to collect all that tasty candy loot and it wasn't even organic. Sure the makeshift bags weren't very fancy, but they did hold quite a generous amount of candy. Well, form finally meets function with this cool new Ghost Loot Scoop Treat Bag. This super cool and quite large Halloween candy bag is in the shape of a spooky ghost face that hangs down from a huge haunted hand that's attached to a long pole, making it perfect for pushing through a crowd of voracious trick-or-treaters all mobbing the front door of that one legendary house that still gives out the full-size candy bars.

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  • Boo! The perfect way to easily collect tons of candy is here!
  • Reach out into the spiritual plane and come back with tons of goodies in your treat bag.
  • Materials: High Impact Polystyrene, Polyester
  • Size: 6.5" H x 29" W

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