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Garage Guillotine - Headless Body Halloween Prop

Garage Guillotine - Headless Body Halloween Prop

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If you're going to decorate your home for Halloween, go all the way. Skip all the phony foam tombstones on your lawn and goofy cobwebs in your bushes and go for actual disturbing realism that will, hopefully, have neighbors and passersby screaming for help. This cool new Garage Guillotine is a perfect example of good old-fashioned Halloween evil fun.

While at first glance it may seem that there's been a brutal, horrifying accident involving a falling garage door and a now decapitated body lying dead in your driveway, it's actually just a fun and harmless Halloween decorative prop - no ambulance needed. To set the scene, just stuff the body with fallen leaves, rags, an actual headless body you need to disguise, or anything else you want and prop it up against a garage door. It also looks great up against a car tire, a fallen tree, sticking out of a leaf shredder, etc.

Each body is outfitted with a stylish flannel shirt, blue pants, and shoes and includes two bloody handprint clings to place on the door. It's even weather-resistant, even though dead bodies don't seem to mind. Perfect for scaring Halloween trick-or-treaters, adding awkward decor to a Halloween party, or just year-round malevolent pranking mischief.

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Garage Guillotine - Headless Body Halloween Prop
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Garage Guillotine - Headless Body Halloween Prop
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Garage Guillotine - Headless Body Halloween Prop
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Garage Guillotine - Headless Body Halloween Prop
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Garage Guillotine - Headless Body Halloween Prop
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