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YankMe Candle - Dog Vomit Funny Scented Candle

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YankMe Candle - Dog Vomit Funny Scented Candle

The cool new YankMe Candle may look like one of those normal scented candles in a glass jar, but upon closer inspection has a lovely picture of a dog heaving and a label describing the scent as Dog Vomit. Even when opening the lid, this 100% soy candle contains a scented disc inside that smells horrible, but the candle underneath thankfully smells like Magical Mimosa instead of canine puke. This spoof candle makes a perfect gag gift, housewarming gift, or white elephant gift or just proudly display it in your home and see if anyone notices. Best of all, 50% of all profits go directly to animal shelters.


  • Great Smelling 100% Soy Candle
  • Scent is Magical Mimosa, not dog vomit
  • Under the lid is a bad smelling disc inserted inside the jar
  • 50% of all Profits Go Directly to Animal Shelters
  • Hilariously funny and useful gag gift
  • Perfect for gag gifts, housewarming gifts, white elephant gifts, and more

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