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Incred-A-Ball - Remote Control Trick Golf Ball

Incred-A-Ball - Remote Control Trick Golf Ball

I hate golf. I actually prefer driving ranges and putt-putt miniature golf courses, because your actual skills of driving and putting are on display. With real golf, you spend most of your time showcasing your skills of ball detection and cart driving, looking for a little golf ball on an enormous yard while driving a goofy golf cart. No thanks, I'd rather play golf cart polo than aim for a little hole out there, somewhere, for hours.

If you feel the way I do and still get talked into playing, I have found an item that will make your time playing much more enjoyable. Screw with your golf "buddies" with the world's most advanced practical joke Incred-A-Ball - Remote Control Trick Golf Ball. Watch them try to putt it while you control where it goes or watch their faces as you pilot and sink your ball right into the hole on the trickiest of shots. That's awesome.

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