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The 7-Foot Upside-Down Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

The 7-Foot Upside-Down Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

The 7-Foot Upside-Down Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

The holidays may be months away, but for a cool item like this, you may need some extra time to rethink your traditions. Your Christmas Tree... you're doing it all wrong! This cool new yet quite old-fashioned 7-Foot Upside-Down Pre-Lit Christmas Trees is not as crazy looking as it might appear. In fact, hanging them upside down was how it was originally done!

The History of the Upside-Down Fir Tree:

According to the Christmas Archives, "In the 7th century a monk from Crediton, Devonshire, went to Germany to teach the Word of God. He did many good works there, and spent much time in Thuringia, an area which was to become the cradle of the Christmas Decoration Industry. Legend has it that he used the triangular shape of the Fir Tree to describe the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The converted people began to revere the Fir tree as God's Tree, as they had previously revered the Oak. By the 12th century it was being hung, upside-down, from ceilings at Christmastime in Central Europe, as a symbol of Christianity."

Best of all, there's now way more room for presents under the tree!

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  • More presents will definitely fit under it!
  • Safer around small children.
  • Ornaments stand out better and are much safer.
  • A conversation starter (use history lesson above if guests say you're weird - actually they are).
  • It takes up less space and can be positioned in all new places.
  • Your cat will think twice before leaping into it!

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